01. There is often prejudice against minority [ethnic] groups.
02. The former Yugoslavia is having a lot of problems with conflicts between the different [ethnic] groups in the region.
03. I believe that Chinese speakers are the second largest [ethnic] minority in this province.
04. There are large numbers of [ethnic] Germans living in some of the countries of the former Soviet Union.
05. They have lots of beautiful [ethnic] clothes from India and Thailand at the market.
06. On weekends, we always like to go to a different [ethnic] restaurant to try the various dishes.
07. There is a large mix of different [ethnic] groups living in Paris.
08. They like to eat out in [ethnic] restaurants every Friday night.
09. Asians are the fastest growing [ethnic] group in the United States.
10. Someone told me that the people of Okinawa are actually a different [ethnic] group than the people of the main island of Japan.
11. The Yorubas are the one major [ethnic] group in Nigeria.
12. A family's [ethnic] background is an important determinant of the content of socialization.
13. Studies show that [ethnicity] exerts a major influence on many families.
14. Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands, and the nation is made up of 300 [ethnic] groups.
15. In February 1993, more than 1,000 people were killed in [ethnic] clashes in Northern Ghana.
16. There are 56 [ethnic] minorities in China.
17. [Ethnic] riots between Muslims and Hindus has resulted in over 300 deaths in the last week.
18. [Ethnically], Pakistan is a very diverse country.
19. The nation of Botswana was named after its dominant [ethnic] group, the Batswana.
20. Studies show that people generally show more positive attitudes towards those [ethnic] groups that they often come in contact with.
21. The Neolithic people who appeared in Korea around 4000 B.C. are believed to have formed the [ethnic] stock of modern Koreans.
22. His [ethnicity] is unclear; he has both Asian and African features.
23. [Ethnic] rivalries have sparked recent violent clashes in China.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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(as distinguished from Jewish and Christian), , /

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